West Broadway Community Housing Plan 2014 – 2019

With generous support from the Province of Manitoba and City of Winnipeg, West Broadway Community Organization has successfully facilitated the creation of a new Five-Year Community Housing Plan for West Broadway. Throughout the spring and summer of 2014, consultants Kerniel Aasland, Heather Hall, and Laura Rempel hosted a wide range of community conversations leading ultimately to the development of this plan. A draft Housing Plan was launched for review at WBCO’s Annual General Meeting on Thursday, June 19th and after further updating in response to community feedback, the final edition is available here:

WB Housing Plan 2014-2019 Part 1

WB Housing Plan 2014-2019 Part 2

WB Housing Plan 2014-2019 Part 3

After a decade of significant government investment, led by the community through the WBCO, we are seeing encouraging signs that housing is becoming safer and healthier and property values are increasing. That said there remains a critical need for revitalization efforts in the community. West Broadway has a high concentration of rooming houses, as well as a consistently high number of residents living below acceptable income levels.  There are several areas of need in West Broadway: increasing opportunities for family housing; responding to the growing demand for seniors’ housing; and addressing structural and social needs in rooming houses.

West Broadway remains home to a high proportion of Winnipeg’s populations most vulnerable to poverty, such as Aboriginal people, recent immigrants, lone parents, seniors, youth, people with mental health issues, addictions, and persons with disabilities. The most current data shows that half of West Broadway residents live in core housing need (StatsCan, National Household Survey, 2011). ‘Core housing need’ is defined by unsuitable accommodations, inadequate conditions and unaffordable costs. Addressing these needs, reducing transience and improving neighbourhood stability remain priorities. The Housing Plan development for 2014-2019 addresses needs as identified by the community, community data and research.

West Broadway’s previous housing plan can be found here: Housing Plan 2008-2012, Executive Summary


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