Community Mayoral Forum: A Positive Response to Poverty

Friday, October 3rd, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Gordon Bell High School (on Maryland at Broadway)

Moderated by Mary Agnes Welch

(Public Policy Reporter for The Winnipeg Free Press)


In 2009, after nation-wide consultation, a committee of the Senate of Canada issued a report called ‘In From the Margins:  A call to action on poverty housing and homelessness’.


The report is comprehensive and among its 74 recommendations are several that could make poverty a thing of the past.


It recommends:

– That all families receive at least the low income cut off (LICO) which would be somewhere around the minimum wage for a single person and progressively more depending on family size.

– A collaborative national housing strategy with the goal of decent housing for all.

– The education, training, health, and infrastructure supports that would allow all to realize there full capacity to contribute to society.


But perhaps the most important recommendation is woven throughout the document:

– That all 3 levels of government work together with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), like Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations (NRCs) and others, to achieve these goals.


This document was published by Conservative and Liberal Party members and poverty elimination resolutions in The House of Commons received all party support in 1989 and 2009.  This would seem to indicate that the idea of poverty elimination is not an ideologically partisan one but simply one that we have yet to get to work on.

Small Grants Applications

The next intake deadline for WBCO’s Small Grants program is September 22nd.

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Property Improvement Program 2014 – Applications Online!

Intake for the Property Improvement Program PIP 2014 is now open. Get the jump on this year’s by securing contractor quotes now. Note that projects that begin before application approval are not eligible. Note that program availability is pending government funding approval.

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