Municipal Election October 24

There are seven candidates running to represent our ward at City Council. It’s challenging with so many candidates to know who is who so we’ve partnered with a number of local stakeholders to generate six questions that we hope will help voters pick the person who best represents their priorities. For their answers please click on this link:

2018 Candidates Q and A

Please share this with your friends and neighbours before next Wednesday!


West Broadway Small Grants Now Accepting Applications

West Broadway Community Organization, has enjoyed a long partnership with the Government of Manitoba in delivering a small grants program for the West Broadway neighbourhood.  The second of three 2018/19 Small Grant intakes is now open and accepting applications until Friday, November 30. Please note, projects must take place in West Broadway and be completed before March 31, 2019.

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Community Information Session

WHAT:  Community Information Session regarding homelessness, drug use and public safety for those who live and/or work in the West Broadway neighbourhood. These are complex issues and we have asked representatives from the Winnipeg Police Service, End Homelessness Winnipeg, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, and the City of Winnipeg’s Community By-law Enforcement Services to lead discussions and inform community members about public safety, homelessness, harm reduction, and citizens’ rights and responsibilities.

WHERE: Gordon Bell Highschool, 3 Borrowman Place

WHEN: Tuesday , September 25th, 2018

6:00PM – 6:40PM – Opening remarks and presentations

6:40PM – 8:00PM- Small group discussions, led by experts in each field

8:00PM – Closing remarks

WHO: The Executive Directors of West Broadway-based nonprofit and community service organizations have been meeting regularly as a network to strategize solutions and share information on these issues.

WBCO 2018 AGM Invitation

The West Broadway Community Organization (WBCO) Board of Directors
would like to invite you to the organization’s 2018 Annual General Meeting:
When: Thursday, June 14th, 2018 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

For detailed information about the AGM please see HERE

The Board is proposing some important changes to WBCO’s bylaws, members interested in reviewing the proposed changes in advance of the AGM please see HERE


West Broadway Community Organization is proud to announce that our offices have relocated to 545 Broadway, the former home of Klinic Community Health and an important heritage building that has played a definitive role in the character and consciousness of this community for over a century. Known historically as Wilson House, the building was vacant through the 1990s and became a rallying point for local residents who united to paint murals on its boarded windows and cut grass grown long by an owner committed to demolition. This modest act of protest and neighbourhood pride was a galvanizing moment for West Broadway; residents and other stakeholders empowered by this success began to organize and by 1997 the West Broadway Community Organization was founded. To buy this property on behalf of West Broadway, in this our 20th year as an organization, is a symbolic return to our roots, and an example of what is possible when a community of people work together. Klinic Community Health continues to be an invaluable partner and resource for West Broadway and we are grateful to inherit a building that has been modernized and maintained in impeccable condition for the past 13 years. Thank you Klinic!


West Broadway’s new Five-Year Community Plan

We are grateful to the hundreds of local residents, businesses, organizations, institutions, facilities, landlords, and service providers who gave their time and perspective to help create a new Five Year Community Plan for West Broadway. Launched October 25, 2016 this plan will guide community stakeholders in efforts to preserve the things about West Broadway that we all appreciate and to change the things that need to be changed. For more information and a PDF copy of the plan, click HERE.