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What is the Good Food Club?

The Good Food Club (GFC) works to empower our members to eat healthier, gain new skills, and build community. Based in West Broadway, it has been a leading food security initiative for over 18 years. GFC was created and is managed through direct community engagement; tailoring program activities in response to the interests and needs of our members.

From field to table, Good Food Club members are engaged in their own food security. Through farm trips, members learn to grow food while helping a local farm supply GFC’s Summertime Farmers’ Market. At both the summer and winter markets, volunteer members help supply affordable vegetables, fruit, meat and cheese to their community.

Cooking classes help members turn market items into healthy meals for their household. Workshops offer development of skills, such as canning, bread making, food safety,  and first aid.  Our children’s programs invite youth to take first steps toward preparing their own meals.

Members gain skills that improve their quality of life and their job readiness.  GFC’s volunteer rewards program gives members “sweat equity points” which they can redeem for healthy foods. The Good Food Club creates economic and social connections through activities that instill both a sense of possibility and shared responsibility.

Membership continues to grow (now over 1500!) and participation in GFC events has more than doubled over the past four years. Please consider joining the culture of giving back to your community by supporting GFC as it continues to grow and deliver remarkable outcomes.

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GFC Events:

In light of the COVID-19 situation, and in keeping with public health social distancing recommendations, the Good Food Club has cancelled most in person programming for the time being.  In order to continue programming the best we can, we have started some ONLINE programming. See below for details :

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***Good Food Club Online Events are held using ZOOM.  For more information on how to use ZOOM please see our April Events email here



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Becoming a Good Food Club Member:

Option 1. Order your membership online and receive membership card in the mail.

Membership Type (dues paid annually)

Option 2. Print off your membership form here and mail or drop it off at 608 Broadway.

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Option 3. Drop by a market or event in person to apply.   Appointments can also be made to apply for membership in person at our office (545 Broadway) by calling 204-774-7201 ext 6.


Please donate to the Good Food Club:


You can make a donation to the Good Food Club any time by clicking on the Donate button below!  THANKS

55% of families and 70% of individuals live below the poverty line in West Broadway and struggle to afford healthy food.

* With your investment we can help others help themselves!

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We are an award winning program that helps low income inner city residents help themselves by farming together, cooking together and sharing food together

Active/low income members “work” for their food by volunteering  in exchange for sweat equity points.

Charitable tax receipts issued

Need more info, contact Good Food Club Coordinator at 774-7201 ext #6


 The Good Food Club was featured on CTV Morning Live ! Click here to see the video

Check out the Good Food Club on Shaw TV:

Good Food Club Video

In partnership with the University of Manitoba Environmental Studies program, students worked with members of the Good Food Club to create a video:

Good Food Club Video, launched March, 2009.

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