Property Improvement Program (PIP)

Intake for the Property Improvement Program PIP 2019 is open! Get the jump on this year’s program by securing contractor quotes now and submitting your application. Note that projects that begin before application approval are not eligible.

PIP 2019 Homeowner Application

PIP 2019 Rental Property Owner Application

PIP 2019 Rooming House Application

PIP Brochure 2019

This grant is available to Homeowners and Rental Housing in West Broadway for a variety of exterior improvements. Thank you to the City of Winnipeg for making this program possible.

Homeowners and rental property owners are all encouraged to apply. Priority is given to homeowner properties north of Broadway as well as rooming houses and rental properties. Homeowners that have received a grant in the past three years (2016-2018) are not currently eligible, but may be considered if surplus funds are available in August.

Eligible improvements include replacing old eaves troughs, exterior paint, installing new Energy Star windows, roofs, and safety lighting, among others.

Just a reminder, to be eligible for the program a minimum of two contractor quotes or two building material estimates are required with the application.  Remember that any work commencing before application approval is not eligible for funding. We look forward to working with you on your project!

For more information about the Property Improvement Program, please contact the Housing Coordinator at 204-774-7201 ext.7 or

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