Small Grants


West Broadway Community Organization, in partnership with Neighbourhoods Alive (Manitoba Government), has established the West Broadway Small Grants Fund that is available to local groups and organizations in the West Broadway neighbourhood.

Small Grants are now open and accepting applications until June 15th!  See below for how to apply.

What is the Small Grants Fund?

The purpose of the West Broadway Small Grant Fund is to support community building and community connecting projects that enhance the health and cohesion of our neighbourhood.  Some examples of eligible projects include community clean-up events, community gardening initiatives, local newsletters, cultural programs, communication and networking activities, community celebrations, and programs for seniors, children and youth.

Who can Apply?

The grants are available to groups and organizations located within West Broadway. The West Broadway community includes the area between Maryland in the west, Osborne in the east, Portage in the north, and Cornish in the south. These boundaries also extend to include the area around Gordon Bell High School, Westminster Church and Mulvey School.

 Size of Grants:

Local organizations can apply for funds less than $5,000 per year.

Successful small grants will:

  • Enhance the strength and cohesion of the community
  • Emphasize community building and connecting activities
  • Reflect the goals of West Broadway’s current Five-Year Community Plan (2016-2021)
  • Be sponsored by local groups or organizations (not individuals)
  • Not be used for capital improvements to private property unless the property has been made available, free of charge, for community use and the improvements relate to the proposed community use (Quotes required)
  • Projects involving use of private or public property should have the written permission of the owners or the municipality
  • Take place within the West Broadway neighbourhood
  • Have provided complete and satisfactory reporting on past projects

Please note: honourariums  for facilitators may be eligible while payments of wages or stipends to participants are ineligible.

Who will decide?

The WBCO’s Small Grants Committee, which is made up of members of WBCO’s Board of Directors, will work with WBCO staff to review small grants proposals and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval. The committee meets regularly and allocates funds based on the needs of the community, the quality of the application, and the track-record of the sponsoring organization or group.

Application forms:
Download the WBCO Small Grant app 2018 or get a hard copy from West Broadway Community Organization at 545 Broadway, (204)774-7201 ext 5. 

Each grant recipient is required to complete a Small Grant report eval sheet 2018 after the project is completed.

General Info Package for Print: West Broadway Small Grants 2017

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