Rock and Horse Park

152 Langside

2 public pick plots, 16 community plots and 24+ gardeners and volunteers

Formerly known as Boulder Park, this property was acquired through the City of Winnipeg in 2003. During West Broadway’s Green Space Development Plan process, Rock and Horse Park (formerly Boulder Park) received overwhelming support from the community to maintain the site as a garden.

In 2009, Rock and Horse Park gardeners partnered with Art City on a weekend painting project. In 2008, the colourful bench was built and the raised beds were moved from the Urban Agriculture site at  Klinic on Broadway and several new beds were added. The boulder was moved on site in 2004 with funding from the Thomas Sill Foundation.

Water is accessed from two rain barrels on site and there are 5 compost bins along the south fence for all neighbours to use.

WBCO is working with the City and the gardeners to secure a long term use agreement and tax exemption for this site.