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198 Sherbrook Design July 2014

198 Sherbrook St. Development Update

West Broadway Community Organization is proud to announce that a partnership has been forged with Westminster Housing Society on the planned development of our property at 198 Sherbrook St. The image above is an up to date rendering of what we are hoping the project will look like, provided for us by ARCCADD Archetecture Inc. We are currently working through the design and planning phase of development and it is exciting to see that the hard work of so many local residents and stakeholders is finally nearing a point where the expressed vision of our community will be realized.

The property at 198 Sherbrook St. was purchased with a grant from Neighbourhoods Alive! in 2001 by WBCO under the condition that a consultative process would be undertaken to determine how best to utilize this property for the community’s purposes. In 2008, a process called a Design Charrette was undertaken in West Broadway, inviting community members to consider a wide range of possibilities for the future of 198 Sherbrook St. Through this process the community recommended that WBCO pursue a mixed-use development for the property, to be comprised of the following elements:

1. A building that includes:
a. housing units
b. community services
c. social enterprise business that serves the community

2. Public open space that includes:
a. community garden
b. gathering place
c. recreation space

A copy of the 198 Sherbrook St. Design Charrette can be found here: 
 198 Sherbrook DC Full Report
 198 Sherbrook DC Exec Sum

WBCO is pleased to report that Westminster Housing Society’s proposal for 198 Sherbrook St. addresses all of the Design Charrette’s key recommendations. As pictured above, the development we are pursuing together will include  1,000 sq. ft. of community gardening space (raised beds and a rooftop greenhouse), a 2,350 sq. ft. commercial space (to house a local co-op, social enterprise or community service), and 18 units of mixed-income housing (nine one-bedroom units and nine two-bedroom units – nine units will be ‘affordable’ rent-geared-to-income suites). Our next steps for this effort will include fund raising, drafting legal agreements, partnering with the City of Winnipeg on zoning variances for height and parking, and finding a suitable tenant to occupy the main floor commercial space.

Please contact WBCO at 204 774 7201 Ext 5 if you have any questions, comments or concerns.



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Citizens’ Bridge helps people obtain proper identification, open bank accounts, and manage their money — important tools to getting a job and taking care of regular pay cheques.

Citizens’ Bridge grew out of the Community Financial Services Centre pilot which helped over 720 people open accounts at ACU. Citizens’ Bridge is a community collaboration spearheaded by the North End Community Renewal Corporation.

West Broadway Community Organization is a partner agency and is able to refer you for service- obtaining different forms of identification, starting a Driver’s Education Program, or opening a back account at Assiniboine Credit Union.

Low Income and EIA recipients may be eligible for ID costs to be waived. Ask for more details.

Citizen’s Bridge is located at 204-765 Main Street


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