Fruit trees fertilized by compost from winter organic waste drop-offs at the Good Food Garden

West Broadway has a total of 28 community compost bins at 8 sites throughout the neighbourhood. Community members are encouraged to drop off their organic waste at these sites, which are maintained by West Broadway’s compost coordinator and volunteers. Harvested compost is returned to community gardens, helping to maintain fertile soil for the high intensity food production at these sites.

View Map Here: compost bin map 2012


Tips for Community Composting

  • No bags or other compostable plastics please – they don’t break down in our bins, and make things really smelly!
  • No meat, dairy products, bones, or oils
  • Cover your waste with a handful of leaves from the leaf bin
  • Chop your waste into smaller pieces so that it breaks down more quickly
  • Post this useful resource on your fridge: What Can I Compost?


Project Reporting

To learn more about composting activities in West Broadway, read our 2012-2013 Report or visit the West Broadway Community Gardens Facebook page.


New community compost site at 279 Young St.