Bedbug Prevention

The Manitoba Government has assumed all responsibility for the eradication of bed bugs in Manitoba. To find out more about their bed bug strategy and funding programs, go to their website.

A Community Bed Bug Strategy:

Working in the Daniel McIntyre, St. Matthews, West Broadway, and Spence Neighbourhoods, Community Bed Bug Prevention and Outreach Coordinator is offering a variety of services to tenants, landlords, agencies, and other community stakeholders.

Services offered:

  • Bed Bug advice in dealing with infestations, for landlords and tenants.
  • Access to educational as well as other community and provincial resources for bed bug sufferers.
  • To request educational workshops and bed bug talks.
  • Vacuum and steam cleaner rentals to community members (free with I.D and $50 deposit).
  • Access to free or low cost mattress covers, interceptors and traps.
  • Or any other bed bug related question.

This program’s goals include:

  • Working with community members to promote education and awareness to help individuals successfully combat and prevent infestations.
  • Partnering with landlords on strategies to reduce bed bugs in their buildings.
  • Partnering with local agencies to help them promote bed bug awareness and assist clients.
  • Promoting the provincial bed bug strategy, and the rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants.

Contact the Community Bed Bug Outreach and Prevention Coordinator:

204-774-7005, Ext 109

Check out the new website, with more information at:


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